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NJ knits

Garden State Knitters
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This community is dedicated to knitters/crocheters that live in or near NJ. (or are traveling Jersey)

-since we are in the tristate area: feel free to post information about events happening in the NYC and Philly areas. or any other major cities you find appropriate

-post rescent FOs and WIPs, yarn pr0n

-post any current things happening in NJ that are knitting/crochet-related.
(i.e: stitch 'n bitch nights, get-togethers, trips to the lys, knitting meetups, knit-outs).

Some rules: (please read before posting)
-Intro posts are perfectly okay
-Post all you want about knitting/patterns/yarn. Try not to infinge on anyone's copyrights, i.e., do not post entire patterns from books.
-Any Icons, graphics, are all acceptable.
-If any image you post is really big, or any more than 1 image, please place behind a cut.
-Likewise, if there's lots of text, please use a cut tag.
-Don't argue or cause trouble. This community is for everyone who loves knitting/crochet. Be nice!
-Promoting other Knitting-related communities is peachy keen.
-If selling/trading please leave the comment area of your post open to questions.

Happy knitting!

Useful Links: (thanks goes out to djinnj)
A directory of yarn shops in NJ: Woolworks: NJ
Another directory of yarn shops in NJ: The Daily Knitter
A mapmuse map of yarn shops in NJ: Mapmuse

and because we should have a Knit Out & Crochet: Craft Yarn Council dot com